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So Hyang Artist of the Day

Updated: May 7, 2021

Saturday started extremely fun as Teacher Paul added a new and amazing segment to the community. "Artist of the day" where from Monday to Friday there will be 5 videos. The first artist is So Hyang a South Korean singer that has turned many heads with her powerful voice. Are you ready to be blown away and see Teacher Paul react to her amazing performance?

Join Teacher Paul as he reacts to five of her most popular videos on youtube.

Will she have enough points to win Artist of the day and move on to the next phase? It depends on you! If you’re a fan and would like to see her get to artist of the week, don't forget to watch as many times as you want, comment, like, share and if you're not subscribed to Teacher Paul Reacts, you should. All engagement will count to the artist's points. Click Here to see how the point system works.

You can check out the reactions here:

So Hyang REACTION: 소향 - Arirang Alone

Lean on me

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Oh Holy Night, 소향 - 오 홀리 나잇, I Am a Singer2

′I Will Always Love You

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