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SB19 Reaction Day

SB19 is a five-member Filipino boy band who debuted in 2018 consisting of Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They trained for three years under ShowBT Philippines, beginning in 2016. They are the first Filipino and Southeast Asian act to be nominated in Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category. They also became the first Southeast Asian act to enter the top 10 of Billboard Social 50 weekly and year-end charts. SB19 promotes its music as part of Pinoy pop (P-pop), a popular sub-genre of Original Filipino Music.

Join Teacher Paul as he reacts to five of their most popular videos on youtube.

Will they have enough points to win Artist of the day and move on to the next phase? It depends on you! If you’re a fan and would like to see them, get to artist of the week, don't forget to watch as many times as you want, comment, like, share and if you're not subscribed to Teacher Paul Reacts, you should. All engagement will count to the artist's points. Click Here to see how the point system works.

You can check out the reactions here:

🇵🇭 SB19 reaction day - "WHAT?" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)

🇵🇭 SB19 reaction day -"Go Up" LIVE on Wish Bus

🇵🇭 SB19 reaction day - What? - Live performance of SB19 on All-Out Sundays

🇵🇭 SB19 reaction day - Bakit Ba Ikaw (MYX Live! Performance)

🇵🇭 SB19 reaction day - Tilaluha - LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

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