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Molly Sanden Reaction Day

Molly My Marianne Sandén also known by her middle name My Marianne, is a Swedish pop singer and voice actress.As a teenager, she represented Sweden in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and participated in Melodifestivalen in 2009, 2012, and 2016. And now she has her reaction day on the channel. Let us see her use her amazing talent!

Join Teacher Paul as he reacts to five of her most popular videos on youtube.

Will she have enough points to win Artist of the day and move on to the next phase? It depends on you! If you’re a fan and would like to see her, get to artist of the week, don't forget to watch as many times as you want, comment, like, share and if you're not subscribed to Teacher Paul Reacts, you should. All engagement will count to the artist's points. Click Here to see how the point system works..

You can check out the reactions here:

🇸🇪 Molly Sandén Reaction day - Uppträder på Carl Philips bröllopskväll

🇸🇪 Molly Sandén & Tusse Chiza - ”Utan dig”

🇸🇪 Molly Sandén - Rosa Himmel (Acoustic version) Late Night Concert på TV4

🇸🇪 My Marianne -Come Whatever, Come What May / Musikhjälpen

🇸🇪 Molly Sanden - Husavik (Live at Oscars)

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