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Teacher Paul's Community

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When we first started this youtube channel, we didn't expect for it to grow this much. We are at a point that it's not only about great content creation, entertainment or fun reaction videos. We have now become a family!

Family is one of the most important things in the world. We all have our roles and personalities and we all like different things, but what makes us grow is that we respect each other and learn to enjoy what everyone likes and fall in love with a whole new world out there. With us that's exactly how it is. Our community is here for us to get in touch with new people and learn with each other!

Since we have our own personalities, our community has 4 amazing names that have all to do with Teacher Paul Reacts. Don't worry, I bet you will fit right into one of them, think of it as a Sorting hat! 

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Community Names

PASHAS - meaning: small, humble. It's a diminutive for the name Paul (Pavel) in Russian.

PAULICE - meaning: the Paul police

PEERS - meaning: equal standing with one another

PALS - meaning: A pal is a good friend. It also means "Paul" in Albanian, Swedish and Norwegian.

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Caring and loving. they are the ones who look out for Teacher Paul and his well being. Pashas are always kind and welcoming to those who are new to the community. They are as helpful as they can be. Full of kindness of heart and cherish every aspect of what our community stands for.


Strong and tough. These are the ones who defend Teacher Paul at all times. They bring order to the comments sections, they defend his honor against those who don't really know him e yet. The Paulice are the community watch, always vigilant and ready to keep the order. They might bring a little bit of tough love, but they are always spreading positivity and doing good.


Wise and experienced. These are the ones who guide Teacher Paul through his channel. The ones who have been with him since the very beginning. They know his thoughts and steer him the right way. These are his trusty council members.


Thoughtful and altruistic. These are the ones who are always willing to lend a helping hand, a good word of advice, listen and be your friend. When you're feeling nervous, sad, or lonely after a hard day's work, it can make you feel better to talk to a pal.

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